Data Transmission Training course

  • Duration: 5 days

This online course covers mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and telemetric data transmission methods. Discusses indicators, other devices, and methods used for electrical/electronic data transmission in detail. Compares methods and standards for parallel and serial digital data transmission. The course describes optical isolation and the operation of optical data transmission systems in detail. Provides specific methods for preventing common kinds of data transmission interference. Data Transmission is available in online maintenance training and course manual formats.

  • Process Data Transmission Methods 0/1

    Data handling; Local and remote indicators; Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, optical - and telemetric data transmission

  • Electrical Data Transmission 0/1

    Analog and digital data; Electronic PV indicators; Signal conditioning and conversion; Compensation; Span and zero adjustment; Linearization

  • Digital Data Transmission 0/1

    Number systems; Data formats; ASCII; Error correction; Analog-to-digital conversion; Distributed process control; Parallel and serial data transmission

  • Optical Data Transmission 0/1

    Fiber optic cable, connection, and transmission advantages; Optical propagation; Installation of cables; Light sources; Detectors; Standards

  • Data Transmission Interference 0/1

    Electrical and process noise; Signal-to-noise ratio; Power line noise; Electromagnetic interference; Capacitive coupling; Ground loops; Noise reduction techniques; Electrostatic shielding

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