Digital Marketing Training Course

Digital Marketing Training Course

5 days
All levels
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  • Duration: 5 days

Starts from the basics of digital marketing, no pre-requisites required. Learn to create email marketing strategy and email marketing campaigns. Extensive Learning hours, classroom training including the classroom assessment with additional online guided practice for better learning and increased retention.

Program equips you with hands-on expertise in creating email marketing strategy and building email marketing campaigns, participants are first brought upto speed with the basics of digital marketing and after developing the understanding of digital marketing one progresses towards gaining expertise in email marketing.

Learning Objective

  1. Overview of Digital marketing, its channels, strategies and components
  2. Overview of Social media marketing, its goals, platforms and tools
  3. Overview of Mobile marketing and its components
  4.  Building Email Marketing Strategy
  5.  List Acquisition and List Building Strategies
  6.  Effective Email Design and Content
  7.  Reports for an Email Campaign
  8.  Email Automation

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