Implementing Cisco Switched Network

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Implementing Cisco Switched Network

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  • Duration: 5 days

SWITCH v2.0, a five-day ILT course, includes major updates and follows an updated blueprint. (However, note that this course does not cover all items listed on the blueprint.) Some older topics have been removed or simplified, while several new IPv6 routing topics have been added. The course content has been adapted to Cisco IOS Software Release 15 and technically updated. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to create an efficient enterprise network while focusing on such topics as Layer 2 and multilayer switch functions including VLANs, trunks, inter-VLAN routing, as well as network security and high availability features.

Who Should Attend

Learners who aim to be network professionals and who have knowledge that is obtained from Cisco CCNA courses.


Duration        5 Days

Skill level       All levels

Assessments     Yes

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