Software Testing Training Course

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Software Testing Training Course

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  • Duration: 10 weeks

Software testing is the process to check or test the software/applications whether it is working as expected functionalities and features or not. It can be done manually or automatically. Freshers can be learned easily without knowledge or programming. With TOPS Software Testing Course you will get a chance to work on a live project or application.

Why Choose Software Testing Course? 
Now in today’s digital market, the demand for software and applications is growing continuously. Over a period of time, the demand for software testers and quality assurance professionals has increased a lot in Software Companies.

To be part of IT companies, you need deep knowledge of testing, certifications, on hand experience of live app or software. After successful completion of this course and get a certificate, you will have many options for your career such as QA Analyst, Software Testing Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Test Engineer, Testing Coordinator.

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