Statistical Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics

  • Duration: 5 days

This course provides an application-oriented introduction to the statistical component of IBM SPSS Statistics. Students will review several statistical techniques and discuss situations in which they would use each technique, how to set up the analysis, as well as how to interpret the results. This includes a broad range of techniques for exploring and summarizing data, as well as investigating and testing relationships. Students will gain an understanding of when and why to use these various techniques as well as how to apply them with confidence, interpret their output, and graphically display the results.

Who Should Attend

The primary audience for this course is people who have worked with IBM SPSS Statistics and want to become better versed in their basic statistical capabilities. Also for those who want to refresh their knowledge and statistical experience.


Basic concepts in statistics, such as measurement levels, mean, and standard deviation.

Familiarity with the windows in IBM SPSS Statistics either by experience with IBM SPSS Statistics (version 18 or later) or completion of the IBM SPSS Statistics Essentials  course.


Duration     5 Days

Skill level    All levels

Assessments    Yes

There is no review for this course

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